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Dr. Girija Mahale is a consultant psychiatrist and heads the Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing. After pursuing her MD in Psychiatry from KEM Hospital, Mumbai, she migrated to Australia where she did her fellowship in Psychiatry. She has varied experience in different subspecialities, including forensic, child & adolescent, community and consultation liaison.

Her passion for creating an emotionally resilient community has lead her to work in the areas of prevention and early intervention for the last couple of years. She's also a loving mother of two, and enjoys music, dance and travelling!

Psychological Counsellor
Senapati Bapat Road, Model Colony and Khadki campuses

Tanmayee is the psychological counsellor for the SB Road, Model Colony and Khadki campuses. Ms. Tanmayee Khambete is a clinical psychologist who has completed her Bachelor's degree from Fergusson College, Pune, a Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology from DES, her M.A in Clinical Psychology from Fergusson College, and a M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Long Island University, NY.

She has had extensive experience in working with young adults and adults with IDD, focusing in vocational training, resume and skill building, and self-improvement workshops, and psychoeducational classes. She has had exposure to play therapy, addictions counseling through her internships and has received certifications in REBT, CBT. Although she uses an eclectic approach towards counseling, her foundational approach is Humanistic, focusing on the innate ability and strength of her client to lead them toward change.

She has also completed one year (of three) of the PhD program in Counselor Education and Supervision, Ohio University, Ohio, and was working as a GA under the program coordinator, giving her the chance to organize, manage, and learn the workings of an educational department. Additionally, she co-taught the Practicum class, and conducted supervision sessions with the Masters level students.

Psychological Counsellor
SCAC, Senapati Bapat Road campus

Mithilesh is the Psychological Counsellor for SCAC, SB road Campus. Ms. Mithilesh Mishra is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (RCI registered) who has completed her M.phil in Clinical Psychology from Amity University Mumbai and practiced at Thane Mental Hospital.

She also did her Internship at IPH, Thane. She Completed her M.A  from Pune University Campus and B.A from St. Mira's College, Pune in Clinical Psychology.She has Extensive Experience in Psychological Assessments and Therapies like Projective tests – RIBT,TAT,CAT. Personality tests,Intelligence tests,Verbal and Performance tests and other Screening tests. She has in depth Experience in Dealing and Treating  varied Populations ranging from Children, Young adults to Geriatrics with Mild to Severe Mental Health issues coming under Neurosis and Psychosis – Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Schizophrenia and other Neuropsychological, and Substance Use Disorders.

She follows Cognitive –Behavioral Model followed by Mindfulness Techniques and other Eclectic Approaches in the Therapy depending on the Client. She also has in hand experience in Group Therapy, Psychoeducation, Systemic family therapy and Research.

Psychological Counsellor
Hinjewadi campus

Dr. Nidhi is the psychological counsellor for the Hinjewadi campus. Dr. Nidhi is a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D in psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Rajasthan University. She did her graduation in B.A. Honours in psychology from Maharani's college Jaipur. She has expertise in parental counselling and adolescent issues.

She has had extensive experience in working with ADHD, autism and mental retardation children. While working in the government of Rajasthan as state consultant for adolescent health division, got a chance to develop health programs for adolescents and implementation of health policy for youth. Additionally, she is a trainer and content developer. She has developed a psychological scale and has around 7 publications to her credit in national and international journals.

Psychological Counsellor
Lavale Hill-Top campus

Ketaki is the psychological counsellor for the Lavale Hill-Top campus. Ms. Ketaki Thosar is a clinical psychologist who has trained at Fergusson College, Pune (BA Psychology) and the University of Edinburgh (Master of Science) in the UK. She specialises in working with young adults and has extensive experience working in the field of de-addiction and mental health rehabilitation using eclectic approaches.

She has previously worked with moderate to severe mental health issues around anxiety, depression, substance use, self-esteem and self-development, attachment related issues, interpersonal or relationship issues, childhood trauma related problems. Additionally, she's trained in taking group therapy sessions and adopts multidisciplinary and expressive approaches. She has an interest in research and development of treatment models.

Psychological Counsellor
Viman Nagar campus

Yoshita is the psychological counsellor for the Viman Nagar New campus.. Ms. Yoshita Thadaney is a psychological counsellor who completed her Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune. She has also completed a post graduate diploma course in Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology and Ethics and is well equipped with using mindfulness tools.

She brings with her hands on experience in dealing with a varied populations ranging from young adults to geriatrics. She is also equipped with the experience of treating mood, anxiety and stress, substance use and psychotic disorders amongst others and is well trained in personality, intelligence, neuropsychological and aptitude testing. She is also deeply interested in conducting research.

Psychological Counsellor
Viman Nagar – Old campus

Tahera is the psychological counsellor at the Viman Nagar Old campus. Ms. Tahera Kauserali Lokhandwala has completed her Master of Science (MSc.) in Social and Cultural Psychology from the London School of Economics (LSE) and B.A. with Psychology (Hons) from Fergusson College. She completed her Fellowship with Teach for India, and went on to work as State Consultant with UNICEF.

She also developed an in- depth curriculum for the Girl Effect Mentor to Go Program.Tahera is also a certified play and art therapist and believes in the expressive and meditative value of art. She firmly believes that quality education is one that actively integrates emotional health, wellbeing, positive values and mindsets into its system.

Psychological Counsellor
Viman Nagar Campus

Priyanka Bajaria is the psychological counsellor at the Viman Nagar Campus.  She has completed her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Maniben Nanavati Women's College (SNDT, Mumbai). Additionally, she is also a certified Arts-based Therapy Practitioner and Sex Educator.While she is drawn towards an integrative approach to therapy, her core orientation at present is rooted in cognitive- behavioural models. She uses arts-based technique in her work and has a strong hold of the use of visual art, metaphors, and mindfulness in the therapeutic setting. 

Ms. Priyanka has a keen interest and expertise in working with client's presenting with depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. She truly believes that the advaita i.e. oneness of emotional and physical well-being is the key to an individual's success. Her professional comments are regularly featured in reputed publications (Mumbai/Pune Mirror, Mid-Day) in articles related to mental health and sexuality. Additional to individual therapy, Ms. Priyanka enjoys ideating and facilitating group therapy sessions and workshops .

Psychological Counsellor
Nashik campus

Anagha is the psychological counsellor for the Nashik campus. Mrs Anagha Chaudhari is a trained counselling Psychologist with M.A in Clinical Psychology, Advance Diploma in Psychological counselling and Diploma in Remedial Teaching  from Prafulta (Mumbai and Nashik respectively) .She has worked as Remedial Teacher for Children with Learning Disabilities, Intellectual disabilities,Dyslexia,etc. She has worked with children ,adults and families with issues such as parenting, learning disability,relationships,anxiety,stress,self -esteem ,self development,depression, emotional disturbance.She also visits the Symbiosis school for counselling and remedial guidance.

Psychological Counsellor
Nagpur campus

Dr. Mayuri is the psychological counsellor for the Nagpur campus. She did her Bachelor in Dental Surgery and has worked in different profiles as a clinician, lecturer and as an administrator for 9 years. Having profound interest in psychology, she did her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and finds counselling a way to give back to society for all the blessings she has received. With 1.5  years of experience in mental health, She has received certifications in Mindfulness based stress reduction, NLP, REBT and Addiction Medicine,has exposure to transactional analysis and CBT and been a key member of L&D Global, Pune.

She has done her internship in a rehabilitation centre and with Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Well-being. She is driven vehemently to gain excellence in human, social and organizational interaction and employ her skills in knowledge to gift holistic well being and positivity/optimism to the community. In addition to this, she is also fond of storytelling, dancing, cooking and reading.

Psychological Counsellor
NOIDA campus

Pallavi is the psychological counsellor for the Noida campus.  Ms. Pallavi Sharma is a counselling psychologist and has completed her BA in Psychology (Hons.) from Lady Shri Ram College (LSR), New Delhi and MA in Counselling Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

She is well trained in counselling therapy and specialises in working with young adults with the concerns of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and overall emotional well-being. She  is mindful of her client's social context and their strengths. Her work is rooted in three E's which form the pillar of her counselling practice: Eclectic, Empathy, and Evidence-based.

School Counsellor and Coordinator
Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing

Sangeeta is the school counsellor and coordinator for Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing. Mrs Sangeeta Rishipathak is a school counsellor, and is the SCEW coordinator for school counsellors who has worked with schools of Symbiosis for the past 8 years. She also collaborates and works with parents, teachers and students and provides them with workshops and lectures on emotional and mental health and wellbeing. She specialises in remedial teaching as well as play therapy, and provides these services to the Symbiosis Schools.

Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing

Snehal is the coordinator for Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing. Mrs. Snehal Shinde completed her masters in Personnel Management from Savitribai Phule Pune University, and has worked as HR Executive in infrastructure and IT. She is the Assistant Coordinator, and backbone of the centre. Her interests involve interacting and understanding new people, and during her leisure time, you will find Snehal singing a few tunes. She is passionate about her work, and loves looking after everyone on the team!



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