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Mental health services embedded within school systems has the potential of developing a resilient student population and has the capability of enhancing their emotional and mental health, which can thus optimize their educational attainment. Keeping this vision in mind, mental health awareness programs are conducted in schools throughout the year, by conducting a series of lectures and workshops for students, teachers and parents.

Vision of SCEW regarding schools of Symbiosis:

  • To work towards early identification and intervention of various mental health issues in children.
  • To incorporate mental health in academics by including specific strategies to help students in social and emotional learning.
  • To promote professional development of school counsellors.

Keeping this vision in mind, series of lectures and workshops were conducted in all Symbiosis Schools throughout the year along with guiding and assisting school counsellors in the use of therapeutic techniques in counselling.

Lectures for students conducted in 2019 and 2020.

  • Good touch and bad touch
  • Respecting genders.
  • Expressing yourself.
  • Positive self-talk.
  • Handling emotions
  • Time management.
  • Influence of social media.
  • Risky behavior.
  • Relationship issues
  • Drug use and abuse.

Workshops conducted:

Teacher sensitization workshops were conducted to help teachers in identifying early signs of various mental health issues like autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, risky behavior and specific learning difficulty in children and also to provide them with strategies to manage such students in classroom before referring them to the counsellor.

Plans for the coming academic year:

  • Conduct workshops for teachers on
              1) Emotional wellbeing and stress management.
              2) Educate teachers about early identification of various mental health issues in children.
  • Conduct workshops for parents as they are important stakeholders for developing resilient and well-behaved students.
  • SCEW will be developing various lectures /workshops for students to enhance their emotional intelligence and will strive to strengthen their social and life skills along with working on the professional development of school counsellors.



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