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Research improves our understanding of the causes and risk factors for mental health problems, supports promotion and prevention initiatives helping people to stay emotionally well, underpins the development and evaluation of new forms of support (psychological & social), and provides evidence on how innovative approaches can be put into practice in the healthcare system and in wider settings such as teaching. Research is the only means that can pave the way to acquire new knowledge and refine old knowledge. The mental health problems in the vulnerable group of adolescents & young adults need to be tackled in a concerted manner, both preventive and curative services should be simultaneously provided for this group. We at SCEW, are committed to the mental health of faculty and staff and to do so are participating in various research activities

Ongoing research initiatives

  • Ongoing study on psychological wellbeing of staff working in hospital with COVID-19 patients.
  • Proposed study on the emotional intelligence and quality of life of students.
  • Other initiatives

  • Providing support to the students doing research on mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Providing supervision and mentorship to students of varied department in doing projects and internships on mental health.
  • SCEW understands the importance of research in driving innovation in mental health care and in bringing hope for the future. We are committed in ensuring the use of the most relevant outcome measures from our research.

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